Dylan Layne Tanner

Web Developer || Writer + Podcaster || Urban Farmer

Hi, I'm Dylan—a full stack developer and one half of the team at 45° North Creative. I blog about becoming a better developer (especially if you're from a non-STEM background like me), urban farming, and applied localism.

Currently Working On:

  • Masterkey.social: The missing directory for the social internet. Keeps your social links and payment processors / sponsorship methods in one place, and helps people find you if you close out one of your social accounts. (Ships Spring 2021)
  • ShopMI.co: Buy a wide assortment of products made in Michigan and earn rewards for shopping locally. (Ships Summer 2021)
  • Unburied History: Podcast and Substack newsletter exploring the dark corners of our past. (Ships Spring 2021)

Web Development

I'm mainly a Laravel developer using the TALL stack (Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel, and Livewire). For static sites and smaller projects, I'm a huge fan of Nuxt.js, a framework that lets you build static sites and SPAs using Vue.

Most of my work has involved building sites for small and midsized businesses. Recently, I've started to branch out into digital products and SaaS, making me more of an indie hacker going forward.

Unburied History

Visit the website

After several false starts, my podcast and Substack newsletter—Unburied History—is set to launch in Spring 2021.

Unburied History is deep dive into the dark, controversial, and under-explored parts of our past. It examines the ways in which history has been used—and abused—to build narratives in modern times, and asks tough questions about how we have come to understand our collective past.

Visit the official website for more details and to sign up for updates.

Urban Farming

In the warm months, I enjoy growing a bit of my own food in my suburban backyard. Though far from an expert, I've become pretty good at starting all types of vegetables from seed and finding ways to extend the short Michigan growing season.

If you're interested in learning more about vegetable gardening, send me an email or hit me up on Twitter! There are a few areas where I can share some wisdom:

  • Beginner-friendly crops
  • Small space gardens / container gardening
  • Starting seedlings indoors
  • Year-round herb gardening
  • Pest prevention + troubleshooting

See if there are any urban farms or cooperatives in your area that you can be a part of, and consider buying your produce and meat directly from producers via community supported agriculture (CSA).

Contacting Me

Probably the single best way to get in touch with me is by email at dylan.tanner@45northventures.com.

I'm notoriously bad about taking a long time to respond, even with friends, but I try to read every message. (If it's urgent, I *will* move it to the front of the pile.)

I'm also fairly active on Twitter

What Else?

I've been building websites since about 2003 and started my first web business in 2005 when I was fifteen (a comparison-shopping app). After graduating college in 2011, I became a full-time developer and opened my own studio.

I've also done some other interesting things, like being a bus driver, co-founding an educational nonprofit, and helping people in the criminal justice system put their lives back together.